Енергийна независимост и национална сигурност


Mining equipment

The heavy mining equipment includes bucket-wheel and crawler-mounted excavators, spreaders, rubber belt conveyors equipped with drive and reverse stations. 

The main part of the HME includes SRs 470, SchRs 1200, SRs 1301, SRs 2000 and SRs 4000 bucket wheel excavators – 26 pieces in total at the Company.

Their main operating part is the bucket wheel with 8 (SRs 470), 8 or 14   (SchRs 1200), 14 (SRs 2000) and 16 (SRs 4000) buckets.

6 bucket wheel excavators ERs 710 type are employed at the extraction longwalls of the three mines, and they are used to extract coal from under 15 m. below the excavator level.

Other kinds of HME used for technological operations include spreaders As 5000, As 6300, As 12500 and As 1600. These are the basic dump formation machines. There are 13 spreaders at the Company.

A bucket wheel excavator together with a rubber belt conveyor and a spreader form the so-called Overburden Removal, Transportation, and Spreading Facilities Unit /ORTSFU/.

There are 3 ORTSFU at Troyanovo-1 Mine; 5 ORTSFU at Troyanovo-north Mine and 4 ORTSFU at Troyanovo-3 Mine.

A very important part of the mining equipment is the technological machinery, consisting of bulldozers, turndozers, front loaders, cleaning devices, single-bucket excavators. It ensures the better and more efficient operation of the heavy mining equipment by taking part in the laying the road routes, planning, etc. Mining activities and the regular coal supply are impossible without a reliable bulldozer fleet.